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If it's an air cylinder you need, you need a Bimba. Bimba air cylinders are world-class products made with quality materials. Hake Industrial offesr a wide array of Bimba Line Cylinders, Flat Cylinders, Linear Thrusters, Actuators, Switches, and more.

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Bimba Cylinders
Original Line Cylinders
Standard Air Cylinders
Three-Position Cylinders
Adjustable Cushion Cylinders
MRS Cylinders
Non-rotating Air Cylinders
PC Cylinder
Z Line Cylinders
500 Hydraulic Cylinders
Hole Punch Cylinders
Flat Cylinders
Twin Bore Series Air Cylinders
Ultran Cylinders
ISO 6431 / 6432 Cylinders

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Bimba Products
Extruded Linear Thrusters
Composite Bearings
Ball Bearings
Multiple Position Linear Thrusters
Pneumatic Actuators
Pneu-Turn Rotary Actuators
Position Control System
Pneumatic Valves
Pneumatic Switches

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