"The repair did go very well and the tractor is once again earning its keep. Thank you for your patience."
Ms. Judy Bacon
Turkey Crick Ranch

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At Hake Industrial, Inc., our focus is on reducing your machine downtime the fastest way possible. We specialize in Racine hydraulic pumps & valves and other hard to find hydraulic components. Get in touch with us today. Located in the heartland of the USA, Fort Wayne, IN area. We are between Chicago & Detroit. If we don't have it our partnership with other key suppliers & sources provide us with immediate access to the parts you seek.

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We ensure that the products we deliver meet and exceed your expectations. Generally we source new OEM products, but when leadtimes are more critical we have several remanufactured sources for Racine pumps & valves, newer Bosch pumps, Vickers/DoubleA valves, Denison hydraulic pumps and Oilgear pumps, which have saved the day. Our pricing and on-time delivery are competitive to meet your needs and decrease your downtime! Email us at sales@hakeindustrial.com and a request for quote TODAY!

With 18 years of industrial and fluid power experience and dozens of suppliers around the world, Hake Industrial has scored high with our existing customers in finding the products they need--hopefully we can help you soon! Products like Racine pumps, obsolete Vickers pumps, Denison hydraulic pumps and Japanese pumps of many names ARE AVAILABLE. Contact us for more information.
We ship hydraulics all over the world, from the United States to Russia. View our map to see where we've done business.
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