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Customer Testimonials

We could tell you all the reasons to buy from Hake Industrial, but what our customers say tells it all. Hake Industrial specializes in delivering your hydraulic parts as quickly as possible in order to minimize your mechanical downtime. We understand that time is money, so we take pride in providing you the equipment you need--FAST. Here is what our customers have said about us:

I very much appreciate the information & link you sent me in regards to a Racine SV20 pump. I ended up re-machining the pump i have, (here's hoping I'm as good a machinist as I think I am)
I think with the info you sent me, I have worked out what all the numbers should be. But being a gambling man, I hope I'm old and grey when this re-machined pump stops pumping (again).
I could not let this opportunity pass without handing out a very big thank-you, I spent 8 hrs on the web & countless phone calls on monday trying to come-up with a new pump.
YOU WERE the only one to come close to helping me
(I would put looking forward to doing business with you soon, but it would mean I'm in crap )
Tim, anyone who goes that little bit more to get your business, DESERVES your business. Please feel free to use my e-mail. (PS: If this pump (fingers crossed it won't) lets me down, you will be the first to know (other than me)
Pete Cooper
durham precision c.n.c inc.

Thanks, the pump showed up Saturday around 4:30. We installed yesterday and it's running fine. Thanks again for all your help in getting it here quickly.
Delaware Valley Combined Association

Our press is up and running thanks to you. I have a small drip where the new pump mates to the low pressure high vol pump but I don't know if it's the new pump shaft or the existing volume pump shaft. In any case, I can work with a slow drip, it's better than the two streams I had with the old racine yesterday. Thanks a lot, you saved the day.
If you have a boss I would like his contact info so I could send an e-mail or a letter telling them how great you are.
Andy Lewien
Process Engineer
Circuits West, Inc.
Longmont, CO

Parts are here already. Thank you so much for your help.
Brehob Corporation

Dear Hake:
Thank you for the contact. You will probably help me in the future. In our factory we have many hydraulic systems, some of them without a proper supplier service. When I need a new quotation I will contact you.
Best regards
Ing. Alejandro Loaces
Gerente de Producción y Mantenimiento

The repair did go very well and the tractor is once again earning its keep. Thank you for your patience. By the way, I gave your web site to all the regional tractor people we have done business with.
Judy Bacon
Turkey Crick Ranch

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