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Read some tips from Tim Hake, President of Hake Industrial, who has over 20 years of experience in the hydraulics industry. He's the expert when it comes to pumps & valves. Periodically, we will have him post some advice here for your pleasure.

August 2010 - Tip #2 Bad Pump?
Before you think the pump is bad, check the basics. Has there been any change in the system? Has the unit exceeded temperatures over 160*? Has the unit exceeded recommended pressures? Keep track and document all information. Typically the pump is worn and repair or replacement solves the problem. But the last problem was not the pump but a valve which was stuck open. By troubleshooting some basic ideas, we were able to isolate the problem and solve it without "just changing out the pump."
July 2010 - Tip #1 Part Numbers

Here's a common problem which we run into all the time....
Part numbers which are dedicated to a unique manufacturer frequently are nothing special other than a custom number for a standard item. Unfortunately, unless we know the model # of the pump or performance and external dimensions of the pump (or valve) we will have a much harder time identifying the item. Be sure to gather as much information as possible on a unit you wish us to quote. Also be careful of modifications to a pump where the part number has not been changed but the performance has. This is where prior history of repair is critical and helpful. Before thinking the pump is bad be sure to check the basics of low oil levels, plugged filter strainers and elements, air in the lines and contamination. We can help on these issues, too.

Be sure to check back next month for our second installment of Hydraulic Tips From Tim!
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